The Contestants

The event will happen in 1 day for both elimination and knockout. Each contestant will have the numbers 1, 2, 3 or 4 attached to their cloths to identify them in the elimination stage. the judges will vote with these numbers. Age limit 15 - 35.

Elimination Stage

Men's category

The elimination stage will happen online where the shortlisted 128 persons will be required to get enough votes to enable them go through the 2 elimination processes to make them eligible for the finals. The people with the least votes will be eliminated until the 32 best athletes are selected. The selection of the last 32 athletes  will be done by the general public through social media and short message services. Voting will happen every week and the weekend will announce those who don't make it through to the next elimination . Each week, the half athletes with the lowest votes will will be eliminated and the rest go on to the next week until the required number of 32 athletes have been chosen. During the course of the elimination, the athletes will be allowed to upload more videos to enhance their chances of getting more votes. A panel of judges made up of Nigerian ex-footballers will select the 32 who will make the knockout stage.

Women's category

64 athletes will compete in the online elimination stage to get the last 16 athletes that will proceed to the knockout stage. The same model used in the men's category will equally be applied to the women's category.

The knockout Stage

The final 32 in each category engage in a "battle" according to ranking to produce the final 8 athletes. The "battle" involves two contestants and lasts for 3 minutes, each contestant will have 30 seconds to showcase his/her talents and then leaves the center for the second athlete who takes 30 seconds and so on till they have exhausted the 3 minutes.

There will be 10 contests for each category in this stage. The athletes will battle themselves in pairs, according to ranking. The contestants will have their names printed on their jerseys for this stage, and the judges will have cards with the contestants names on them for their voting. The round (round of 16) will eliminate 8 contestants, while the second round will (quarter finals) will have 8 contestants and 4 will be eliminated. The next is the semi finals will determine which two contestants that will be in the third place contest, and then the finals.

Given the time allotted to each contest, this knockout stage will run for 48 minutes excluding the breaks, voting, announcements and music interlude. It is my opinion that this takes place on the third and final day. At the end, the Judges will compile their scores according to the FFF guidelines and the chief judge will walk into the arena and raise up the hand of the winner. There will be music and fan fare as the winner is taken round the arena carrying the trophy. The runnerup, third place and fourth place trophies will be handed out first to the winners. The winners will then be presented with their gifts from the sponsors.


2 judges will be selected from Nigeria while 3 will come from FFF. The reason is that we need to start grooming our own judges, since it takes 4 years experience to qualify as an FFF judge.  We would make use of Nigerian ex-footballers as our judges.

The head judge will control the timing, sheets distribution to other judges and will brief the other judges on the procedure for voting. The judges will be given the guidelines and a printed copy of the judging criteria prior to the start of the contest and will be given a full briefing on the FFF judging criteria before the contest. Each judge will have 40seconds to decide the result of each battle. The judges will be given cards with the numbers 1 to 4 for the elimination round, and cards with the first name of the athletes that make it to the knockout stage.

The judges will be required to show either the number card (in the case of the elimination stage) or the name card (in the knockout stage), when the host requests it. For the final battle, the judges will write the name of the winner and give to the chief judge, who will in turn compile and walk to the stage to acknowledge the athlete who is the winner.