What is Feet'n'Tricks all about?

Feet'n'Tricks International Limited is the host and exclusive partner of the World Freestyle Football Association for this tournament in Africa.

How long has the tournament been holding?

2 years. First was last year for Nigeria, This is the second, and first ever Africa championship.

Is this an annual event?


How many athletes will be participating?

Over 40 athletes

What do I need to participate?

All you need is a ball. If you are confident to compete, proceed to register

Do I have to pay for registration?

No, registration is free.

How many African countries are participating?

All African countries are eligible to participate. So far, about 20 African countries have notified us of their participation

What does the winner stand to gain?

Up to $50,000 worth of prizes, including a brand new car and an all-expenses-paid trip for English Premiership halftime performance.

How does a prospective participant register?

Please visit our website at http://feetandtricks.com/register to register

Are there any age restrictions for participants?

There are no age restrictions

Where will next year's event hold?

This will be announced shortly, and the intention is to be able to rotate the hosting among countries in Africa.