There are two kinds of membership in the Feet 'n' Tricks International community: normal members and athletes (freestylers)

Normal membership

Normal membership is free and easy to join. Just register an account on our website and you automatically become a member. A lot of benefits are attached to normal membership. They include:

  • Being informed (through email and SMS) of all upcoming freestyle football events at all levels: regional, national, continental and world tours.
  • Receiving notification the instant the registration for atheles in any of our freestyle football event starts so you don't miss out.
  • Joining a vibrant nationwide community of Freestyle Football Enthusiasts.
  • Being kept up-to-date with the latest happenings in the Freestyle Football world.
  • Lots more!

Athlete (freestylers) membership

Athlete (freestylers) membership This is a special membership reserved for normal members who takes part in any of our freestyle football competitions. Once you register to participate in any of our events, you automatically become an athlete member for life.

Being an athlete member qualifies you to take part in the event you registered for, as well as to enter for subsequent freestyle football events. Athlete members maintain a public profile on our website, highlighting their achievements and their Freestyle Football Federation recognized world ranking.

Success in our events qualifies athlete members for full sponsorship to national, continental and world tour freestyle football events.